The Time-Dynamic Model of Saxony won a Bronze Pencil at The One Show in the category Film & Video/ Event Venue. 


Our book release event was a spectacular evening with more than 100 friends, partners, colleagues and staff. A big thank you to everyone who was there and especially to the editor Petra Kiedaisch of avedition.


How is it possible to atmospherically stage and make experiencable with the senses the fascination of theatre in all its facets within an exhibition, which format is appropriate? Six students of TU Berlin, degree course Bühnenbild/ Szenischer Raum attempt to answer these questions in the next three months in the context of their master’s theses, guided by lecturer Charlotte Tamschick. The goal is to draft and realise innovative concepts for theatre and opera. Charlotte Tamschick will grant first glimpses into the theses at the STAGE|SET|SCENERY on June 9th. 

30.03.2015 | HUGO BOSS KIDS

On behalf of CWF Children Worldwide Fashion, we conceptualised and produced a multimedia setting for more than 90 journalists and photographers at the Malzfabrik in Berlin. 16 young models acted in the installation, presenting the new HUGO BOSS Kids collection which was visually and conceptually integrated in seven different multimedia scenes. The project

11.03.2015 | OUR BOOK IS IN PRINT!

By means of 30 award-winning projects, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE: IMMERSIVE NARRATIVE INSTALLATIONS showcases the art of translating content into unique immersive experiences. With numerous photos, drawings, sketches, styleframes and storyboards, this monograph grants insights not only into the immense variety of projects that we have realised to date, but also behind the scenes and into the elaborate technical processes. Reputed scenographers, exhibition designers, architects and curators comment the work by TMS on a very personal level. The book is published by avedition on the occasion of the London Book Fair.


We are thrilled about the iF Gold Award for Time Machine at the Helv Relics Museum in Wuxi/ China (with APD Sevilla) and the iF Design Award for Ting - Technology and Democracy at the Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo/ Norway (with RAA Berlin). 


At HERITAGE Restoration, Archaeology, Museum Technology Fair in Istanbul, Marc Tamschick holds a speech about "Immersive Multimedia Exhibition Design" on Feb 7th.


At Panorama Fashion Fair in Berlin, we have transformed six passage tunnels (35m long and 5m high) into immersive media-enhanced worlds, each with its own theme: Surreal Space-Time Journey, Body Timelapse, Spatial Sewing, Crystal Kaleidoscope, Four Seasons and Underwater. The project


We added new media installations in the national park centre Haus der Berge in Berchtesgaden. Two tree projections of the Swiss pine and spruce and a interactive of the Wimbach Gorge complete the multimedia exhibition. The project

29.10.2014 | 100 YEARS OF PUIG

For the jubilee celebration PUIG - 100 Years, an evening event for international prominence from the world of fashion and perfume, we created a magical place for just one night at Hospital de Sant Pau, Europe's largest preserved modernist complex. By the lighting of the space with ephemeral, abstract "fragrant" images, we gave it a unique, continuously changing aura. Together with Globally and Boolab, we developed the overall concept and produced numerous medial highlights as well as the sound design.

08.10.2014 | EVA CONFERENCE

On the occasion of this year’s EVA conference, our production manager Tobias Ziegler will give a lecture on "Innovative Listening and Seeing Experiences in Museums". The 3-day conference focuses on "Electronic Media and Art, Culture, History“.

01.10.2014 | VLOW! FESTIVAL

Marc Tamschick lectures on projects, experiments, possibilities and strategies concerning immersive, narrative spaces at VLOW! Festival - The Idea: Management of Inspiration on Oct 17th in Bregenz/ Austria.

05.09.2014 | PANASONIC IFA 2014

In these days, the world is excitedly watching Berlin again as the IFA 2014 presents the latest innovations and highlights in electronics. We once again designed and produced the rim surrounding Panasonic’s presentation at the fair. 32 projectors play out on the 180m long rim, inviting visitors into the world of the latest products and innovations by Panasonic. The dynamically flowing facets on the screen appear to expand the room and allow the visitors to catch new insights and exciting perspectives.


TMS, in collaboration with MKT, developed the large kinetic installation for the National Museum of Archeology in Chemnitz (smac). The multimedia model of Saxony, designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, connects the lobby with the three exhibition floors. Saxony's cultural and natural development is innovatively staged by a cinematic choreography. The sound design supports the emotional and atmospheric time travel through 300,000 years of history. The smac opened in the former department store Schocken in May 2014, and the time-dynamic model was inaugurated today. The project

21.08.2014 | 2 RED DOT AWARDS IN A ROW

Both the interactive, multimedia Time Machine at the HeIv Relics Museum in Wuxi, China (Lead Agency Scenography GPD S.A.) and the innovative, participatory exhibition Ting at the Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo (Lead Agency Scenography RAA) have been selected as winning projects of the internationally renowned award in the category Spatial Communication.


On April 2nd, HRM King Harald V. of Norway inaugurated the jubilee exhibition Ting – Technology & Democracy, celebrating the centennial of the Norwegian Museum of Technology and bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution. For this occasion, we designed and realised this ground-breaking participative, interactive and media-based exhibition format for and with Ralph Appelbaum Associates Berlin.


The 250-year-old production history of the white gold in Thuringia was put into a new light at the Leuchtenburg near Kahla. During the opening ceremony of the multi-media exhibition in the porcelain world of Leuchtenburg on April 3rd 2014, our installation, the Media Banquet, was presented to the press and public: an audiovisual baroque feast in three courses with historical porcelain and sumptuous food. The table projection entertainingly conveys to the visitors how porcelain has changed the culture of dining.

17.03.2014 | Lecture: Marc Tamschick

From April 3-5, the design and space solution center TERMINAL DESIGN will be organizing the three-day series of lectures with the titel “Space and Possibilities“ in Istanbul. Experts from the fields of industry, design, scenography and architecture will be discussing innovative approaches of spatial communication through presentations and workshops. On April 5th, Marc Tamschick will be giving a lecture about projects, experiments, possibilities and strategies on how immersive narrative space can reach the viewer emotionally as well as extend the borders of the narrative spatial communication.


Charlotte Tamschick will represent currently realised projects at university IED Centro superior de Diseno, Madrid on March, 5th at 7pm.

18.02.2014 | 18/02/2014 | FOCUS

TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE presents itself at the FOCUS-Symposium „Neue Medien in Museen und Ausstellungen" on March 27th and 28th 2014 at the State Archaeology Museum Brandenburg with a lecture on the latest innovative museum projects in Germany, Europe and China. The event takes place at the imposingly gothic Paulikloster in Brandenburg an der Havel. Professionals within the fields of museum industry, developers, designers from international companies as well as industry users will be expected.

29.11.2013 | 29/11/2013 | CONFERENCE: MUSEUM RELOADED

Marc Tamschick gave a lecture about "Immersive narrative spaces in museums and exhibitions" at the conference „Museum Reloaded?“ of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Forum, November 28th at Cafe Moskau, Berlin. The conference discussed the new challenges museums are facing in the 21st century and shows an impressive list of speakers.

28.11.2013 | 28/11/2013 | SMART HEADS

Kluge Köpfe published their third issue, introducing the 15 most creative agencies in Berlin City West in a 20 page insert in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. At the get-together on November 27th, TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH gave a lecture and presented current works. The event was initiated by the Regional Management CITY WEST and the Berlin Partner GmbH.

11.11.2013 | 11/11/2013 | OPENING:

In the newly opened Museum the History of Carnival can be experienced with modern technology. TMS designed and implemented the highlight of the museum, an audiovisual presentation of 12 historical carnival costumes, which are integrated into a narrative and immersive experience and brought to life via projections and sound.

06.09.2013 | 06/09/2013 | IFA 2013

A big inviting gesture, a 4K-installation at the head oft he main axis, which goes conform with this years main focus of the IFA, serves the Panasonic exhibition. TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH developed draught and media production of the installation. Impressive cinematic admissions in 4K take the visitors to a immersive, audio-visual spectacle of nature in the change of the seasons.

06.09.2013 | 06/09/2013 | IFA 2013 

Panasonic presents itself on 6,000 square metres of exhibition space at the IFA 2013 in Berlin. ATELIER BRÜCKNER from Stuttgart, created the bright, clear exhibition stand. Basis is a strict, right-angled grid which builds clearly defined product areas. Integrated LED walls communicate the Panasonic Key messages and the new slogan "A Better Life A Better World". TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH took over the media production of the surrounding LED tape.

07.07.2013 | 07/07/2013 | MASTER THESIS 

This year´s graduates of the master course of studies showed in foil packed and staged furnishings and a variety of new draughts, sketches and models in a scenery / scenic space of the University of Technology Berlin in an exhibition constructed specially for their work. Charlotte Tamschick looked after 10 graduate works to the new staging of the Till Eulenspiegel museum in Schöppenstedt.

22.05.2013 | 22/05/2013 | DMY BERLIN: 

On June 6 from 7-11 pm, CREATE BERLIN will be hosting "Night Shift – Long Night of Design Studios", in cooperation with the DMY International Design Festival. Over 50 designers and creatives from Berlin will be opening their doors to the curious. TMS also invites you to drop by our studio, learn about our current media space projects and have a drink with some interesting fellow designers. We look forward to seeing you!

22.05.2013 | 22/05/2013 | IT’S RAINING AWARDS FOR TMS!

At the New York Festival, "Energy Field" GS Caltex pavilion received the BRONZE WORLD MEDAL in the category group Design: Use Of Medium: Environmental Design Category Exhibitions & Live Events. The project also received a Silver Award at the World Media Festival and the iF Communication Design Award 2013. Our clients Atelier Brückner, Steiner Sarnen and us are very happy about these numerous prizes.

22.05.2013 | 22/05/2013 | ADC AWARD 2013

This year, three projects TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE played a crucial part in, received the ADC Award 2013. The project "Energy Field" GS Caltex Pavilion, Expo 2012 Yeosu (Lead Agency: Atelier Brückner) was awarded two silver nails in the category of communication in space/scenography. The two projects "Swiss Pavilion 
at the Expo 2012 Yeosu" and "Sphinx Hall", both realized with the lead agency Steiner Sarnen, Switzerland, also were awarded.

27.04.2013 | 27/04/2013 | ANIMATED COM AWARD: SWISS PAVILION

At the 20th Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart, the project "Swiss Pavilion Expo Yeosu: The Source – It’s in Your Hand" was awarded with the first prize in the category spatial communication at the Animated Com Award. The jury says: "This work makes use of space and media as inseparable and mutually reinforcing components of the production. Particularly noteworthy are the changing moods, dynamics and the various interactions between visitors and content."

20.04.2013 | 20/04/2013 | OPENING 

The infocenter will open on May 24th. The vast 17.000sqm allows visitors to discover all aspects of the national park Berchtesgaden's eco system. The house contains the permanent exhibition VERTIKALE WILDNIS, which was designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER and brings nature to your fingertips. The four seasons are atmospherically staged with light, film and nature sounds, each appearing in 3 min. intervals. TMS collaborated with Klangerfinder GmbH, PanTerra GmbH and arme irre GbR to produce the audiovisual film and sound pieces as well as the programming of 30 media stations.

15.01.2013 | 15/01/2013 | NEW IN OUR TEAM: TOBIAS

Tobias Ziegler starts as our Production Manager. With his extensive knowledge in producing animated commercials 
he now is responsibel for the professional implementation of our video productions.

11.11.2012 | 11/11/2012 | TIMEMACHINE: HOW GREAT HELV IS

On behalf of GPD S.A., we are 
currently in the middle of the production for the Wu Kingdom Helv Relics Museum in Wuxi / China.
A 400sqm interactive floor, a 
250sqm projection screen accompanied by large mirrors are the framework for the staging of the Wu Kingdom history. In the largest interactive space ever built. The visitors will be able to experience the story of this wonderful kingdom.

01.11.2012 | 01/11/2012 | GOLD FOR SWISS PAVILION

At the closing of the World Expo in Korea, which was held in the coastal city of Yeosu in 2012, the Swiss Pavilion received the GOLD AWARD for the best implementation of the Expo theme. The great success of the production is also reflected in high visitor numbers and detailed, positive media coverage with over 615 reviews.

26.10.2012 | 26/10/2012 | END OF SHOOTING 

One year of filming and sound recordings for the 30 multimedia-stations in the HAUS DER BERGE, Berchtesgarden has been completed. We have filmed the pristine beauty of the national park's alpine pastures, lakes and snowy mountain peaks in all four seasons, as well as taken unique underwater images and recorded fascinating interviews with the farmers living and working in the mountains. 

25.10.2012 | 25/10/2012 | RED DOT AWARD: SPHINX HALL

Our project SPHINX HALL on the top of the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland got an RED DOT AWARD in the category EVENT DESIGN.

25.10.2012 | 25/10/2012 | RED DOT AWARD: ENERGY FIELD

For the project CALTEX ENERGY FIELD, which was commissioned by Atelier Brückner GmbH, we also received the RED DOT AWARD.

25.10.2012 | 25/10/2012 | RED DOT AWARD: SWISS PAVILON

TMS has won the RED DOT AWARD Communication Design for its project SWISS PAVILON at the Expo in Yeosu / Korea. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 24th 2012 in Berlin. The 15 person jury elected the winners out of more than 7,000 thousand projects from 43 different countries.

15.10.2012 | 15/10/2012 | NEW TEAM MEMBER NINA

We have won Nina Hüskes over for our project coordination team. With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising and feature film industry, she now supports our management in all project aquisitions.

28.09.2012 | 28/09/2012 | CITY WHISPERS

On September 27th TMS put the city of Istanbul on display in a multimedia walk-in room at the Römerkastell in Stuttgart. The production was voted the public's choice over four other renowned exhibition designers and creative advertising agencies which were showcasing the cities of Copenhagen, London, Paris and Budapest. PLOT, the magazine for staging creative spaces and MBA, manufacturer and devoloper for modulary walls launched the competition.

24.09.2012 | 24/09/2012 | NEW OFFICE

TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH moved. We look forward to your visit in our new, bright studio in the loft building of Gewerbehof Bülowbogen.

14.09.2012 | 14/09/2012 | GIANTS IN THE SPOTLIGHT

In cooperation with the lead agency Stagg and Friends, TMS produced an emotional video and sound 
installation that was shown at a 
two-day international industry get-together of mining specialists for the Wirtgen Group. The 9-minute production featured a collage of 
sound and color and took place on 
the company grounds in Windhagen 
in September 2012.

Photographer: Jörg Hempel

01.09.2012 | 01/09/2012 | SWIPE & SHARE 
IFA 2012

A highlight at the consumer electronics trade fair IFA 2012 was a new function called SWIPE & SHARE: the function enables the user to transfer content directly from a digital device to a video monitor. TMS created, developed and produced the centerpiece of the largest trade booth ever of PANASONIC Europe – the swipe & share monument, a digital sculpture and real head turner at the fair.

10.08.2012 | 10/08/2012 | PLACE 2: W&V CREATIVE RANKING

In the ranking of the most creative supplier of communications in the space of W&V (issue 32/2012) TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH finished second! We are very delighted to receive this honor.

08.08.2012 | 08/08/2012 | NATURE SHOOTINGS

Our camera team has just returned from the beautiful Berchtesgaden where they were filming the main film for the new information center HAUS DER BERGE. From the Gotzenalm to the Wasseralm and climbing to the Steinernen Meer, the team covered a height of around 1,500 meters in their three-day hike and packed with the camera equipment.